Stephanie Davis

Creative Designer & Writer

Time Management App Case Study

Developing a time management app to empower students and adults with ADHD

Project Overview:

The time management app I developed was born out of a desire to support individuals with ADHD. The inspiration behind this project stems from observing the challenges faced by my adult son, and others with ADHD in effectively managing their time and successfully completing tasks. Recognizing the need for a solution, I embarked on creating a time management app to address their needs with a desire to develop something any user could take advantage of.

The Challenge:

Creating an app to assist individuals with ADHD presented unique challenges. Addressing the specific needs of this user group while ensuring great usability for a broad audience was a huge challenge for many reasons:

  • I have limited exposure and experience in developing web-based applications and had to step out of my comfort zone.
  • Balancing the functionality required for ADHD users with a user-friendly design was important.
  • The app needed to be effective for both students and adults, and was going to take quite a bit of time to create and implement functionality due to my limited knowledge of development.

The Solution:

To overcome any challenges, a mindful and research-driven approach was used.

Research and Planning

  • Consulted with my son to understand his pain points with other time management tools.
  • Investigated existing time management apps, identifying their strengths and gaps based on my son’s feedback. There were many options but I wanted to combine ease of use with a clean, polished, uncluttered appearance that appeals to users with ADHD.
Time Management App used as inspiration.

App Design and Development

  • Used my experience as a parent of a student with ADHD, and my son’s feedback to create the app’s features and design.
  • Implemented a clean and intuitive user interface to improve usability for students, parents, and adults across all abilities.
  • Incorporated customizable timer settings, task prioritization, and deadline tracking to address individual needs and use.
  • JavaScript was used to handle user interactions including: submitting tasks, starting/pausing/resetting the timer, and stopping the alarm.
  • JavaScript facilitates integration of an alarm sound, which I downloaded from
  • CSS styles were used for button styling and to incorporate calming blues with other contrasting colors.
  • The layout is responsive and adapts easily to different screen sizes for ease of use.
First draft of web-based application.

User Testing

  • Collaborated with my son to gather his real-world feedback during development.
  • Refined the app based on my son’s suggestions and my personal experiences as a parent who could have used tools to support the needs of my child with ADHD.
My son recommended the user have the ability to track success by seeing stats, which I added in an early version of the app.


The time management app addresses some of the unique challenges faced by individuals with ADHD, providing a user-friendly solution. The final project includes:

  • Opportunity for improved time management and task completion by students and adults with ADHD.
  • Simple, user-friendly solution with a goal to increase user engagement for all abilities.


Creating the time management app has been rewarding. This project improved my technical skills in app development and increased my curiosity of user-centric design. If this app receives positive recognition for its usability and has a positive impact on the ADHD community, that will be the most fulfilling aspect. Reinforcing the importance of designing technology with empathy and inclusivity should be a consideration for every project.


The time management app is an example of the power of technology in addressing real-life challenges for some individuals. By focusing on the needs of individuals with ADHD, this project has inspired me to create a valuable tool that empowers its users.

Final Web Application experience

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