Stephanie Davis

Creative Designer & Writer

Food Finder App Case Study

App design with Swift UI

Project Overview:

For convenience when one is not in front of a computer, I decided to create a restaurant finder app that can provide users in search of a place to dine with a list of restaurants in the area where they are located. With simplicity in mind, I made the decision to call it the Food Finder App.

The Challenge:

Venturing into app design and development for the first time, I faced the daunting task of learning SwiftUI and integrating the Yelp API. The goal was not only to understand the technical aspects but to create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. Opportunities included implementing features like a card-based interaction and animations to present restaurant information in an engaging, efficient way. Some challenges I faced included:

  • Implementation of the card-swipe functionality
  • Integrating the Yelp API
  • Proper placement and sizing of the cards
  • Adding images and content to the cards
  • Customizing the area to pull restaurant data from
First draft of Food Finder App with simple search bar implemented.

The Solution:

In tackling the challenges while developing the Food Finder app, innovation and problem-solving were always top-of-mind. Leveraging the capabilities of SwiftUI and the integration of the Yelp API, I navigated through various complexities to create a seamless, intuitive user experience.

One of the central challenges was effectively harnessing location data to provide users with relevant restaurant recommendations. To address this, I created a view that leverages core location services to continuously update the user’s latitude and longitude coordinates. By integrating this functionality into the app, I ensured that users receive real-time recommendations based on their current geographical location.

Integration of the Yelp API presented its own set of challenges, requiring a deep understanding of API protocols and data handling techniques. Through in-depth research and quite a bit of experimentation, I developed a robust integration strategy that facilitates the seamless retrieval and display of restaurant data within the app. This involved parsing JSON responses, handling network requests, and updating the UI to reflect the latest information.

Key to the solution was the design and implementation of a card view component, which serves as the primary interface for presenting restaurant information to users. Drawing inspiration from modern design principles, I wanted to implement a visually appealing and interactive card-based layout that prioritizes essential details such as restaurant name, address, cuisine type, and Yelp rating. By leveraging SwiftUI’s flexible layout system and animation capabilities, I created an engaging user interface that encourages user interaction.

Furthermore, I optimized the app’s performance and scalability to ensure a smooth and responsive user experience across various devices and network conditions. Employing techniques such as lazy loading and data caching, I minimized latency and maximized efficiency, enhancing the app’s overall reliability and performance.

My solution to developing the Food Finder app was a testament to the power of innovation, persistence, and strategic problem-solving. By leveraging innovative technologies and embracing challenges as opportunities for growth, I successfully created a sophisticated yet user-friendly app that empowers users to discover local dining options with ease. As I continue to refine the app, I remain committed to delivering a seamless and delightful user experience that truly enhances the way people discover and enjoy food.

Cards were too small initially and would not swipe. Also wanted to change the location of them on the screen.


Despite being my first app creation, the Food Finder app works well and provides a foundation for future improvements. The card layout, drag-and-remove feature, and restaurant data (including name, address, cuisine, Yelp rating) all provide a quick, user-friendly experience. Developing the app took a lot of research and time but is a testament to possibilities that arise when one ventures out of their comfort zone.

Cards are finally in the correct location, with content pulling from the Yelp API, and swiping.


Looking ahead, I would like to continue to refine the app, incorporating additional features and enhancements. Though developing the app challenged me to really stretch myself, I personally look forward to the evolution of the Food Finder App and using my creativity, and the technical knowledge I gained personally and professionally.

Final app with all features working, and content visually appealing.