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I’m Stephanie Davis, a Lead Product Marketing Manager, specializing in compliance and elevating the customer experience for prelaunch wireless products, shaping innovation through communication and design. I am also responsible for the development and implementation of communication and training strategies. Ensuring a seamless customer journey and maintaining a cohesive brand voice are key in my role.

Tagline:  Shaping innovation through communication and design.

Beyond my career, I have a passion for the written word and thrive on assisting others in honing their personal and professional communication skills. When I’m not immersed in the world of marketing, you can find me hitting the trails, whether it’s running or hiking, often accompanied by my husband and our four furry companions. I also prioritize self-care through regular meditation and pilates.

Currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Emerging Media at the University of Georgia, I plan to leverage my extensive experience in product marketing and management with my emerging media expertise. My ultimate goal is to innovate and deliver market-leading products that not only meet consumer needs but also reflect a consistent brand identity and marketing message.

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