Stephanie Davis

Creative Designer & Writer

Web Development: Final Project Reflection

Final Project: Summer 2023

For Web Development, I created a photography website for my final project. The objective was to create a website for my client to showcase his personal photography. To accomplish this, I used a WordPress theme called Scapeshot. My client initially selected a theme, but after activating and adding content, it was not very responsive. I took a step back and checked reviews, and how frequently it was updated. According to the theme information site, the last update occurred in 2022. Because it had not been updated recently, I searched for a new theme and eventually found Scapeshot. I added images and content to it so my client could envision the site as his own, and he really liked it. I personally was inspired by the image below Scapeshot uses to showcase the theme.

Image of the home/front cover page of Scapeshot WordPress theme
Scapeshot theme used for inspiration to create the client site

Below is the beautiful photograph my client decided to use as his featured homepage image. It was easy to add but once I started working on the gallery, that was the most challenging part of the project.

Homepage image for client’s photography website
Homepage image for client website

The image below is an early draft of one of the gallery pages. My challenge was figuring out how to create a gallery. My client also wanted his pictures secure, and for viewers to have the ability to scroll. Both capabilities required the use of plug-ins. For added security, I found one that would allow me to add watermarks and prevent right clicking anywhere on the site. My client decided he did not want the watermarks for now, so I secured the images and added an alert to notify my client if a site visitor attempts to right-click anywhere on the site. The image below does not include secure images and a visitor is able to right-click the images. The photos below are static and can’t be enlarged. I eventually accomplished both.

The image below is an early screenshot of the menu. My client had not decided which genres he would include on the site, so I created his “About Me” page first. For the “About Me” page, I added a greeting from my client and a contact form. To create the contact form, I had to use a shortcode, and then used custom CSS to adjust the colors for the form.

After several revisions, I finally created a website my client is pleased with, and I am proud of. I used numerous plug-ins, widgets, custom CSS, and many of the theme’s features to achieve the look and feel for the final site. Below is the final homepage.

The image below shows the final website menu. Each gallery on the site was assigned a genre. Another challenge was creating the interactive galleries for each, but I eventually found a plug-in that worked well. I had initially attempted shortcode and another plug-in and as unsuccessful. I finally determined the plug-in I was attempting to use had never been tested with my WordPress version. I quickly shifted to another option, and it looks great.

Following is an example of one of the completed photo galleries. Including header text, each gallery has a feature photo, so it is easier for site viewers to quickly see what is included in that particular gallery.

The image below shows how the gallery image looks after it is selected by the viewer. This was the most challenging part of the project to execute. Showcasing my client’s photos similar to an art gallery is one of the things I am most proud of. My client really wanted secure, interactive images and I did not want to disappoint him. As I previously stated, I used a plug-in to incorporate this feature and it works beautifully.

This project meant a lot to me, and I did not want to disappoint my client. I took several risks and was able to finally appreciate the benefits of WordPress. It can be overwhelming because it offers so many tools to assist in building the best possible experience. I look forward to learning what other tools are available to designers as I continue in the Emerging Media program. However, I will most definitely maximize the use of WordPress themes and other tools. I look forward to gaining more knowledge and experience, and then using them effectively as I work with future clientele.