Time Management App Summary

by Stephanie Davis


The inspiration for me to create a time management app was my son and other individuals who live with ADHD and struggle with time management. The core functionality of the app revolves around task management, allowing users to add, prioritize, categorize, and set deadlines for their tasks. The timer feature provides users the ability to improve productivity through efficient timeboxing. An alarm sound serves as an audible cue anytime the timer is enabled, and a button which appears as the timer sounds also provides the user the ability to stop the timer alert. Statistics on the bottom left of the screen is a quick visual tally of the number of tasks a user has entered and completed.

Key Features:


The design of the app is crafted with a clean and user-friendly interface. The color palette, implemented using CSS, is thoughtfully chosen to promote a calm and focused environment for any user. The responsive layout ensures a seamless experience across various devices to support accessibility.

CSS Highlights:

Concepts Employed:

The development of the Time Management App involved the application of several key concepts, including:

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